Website Development

As a first & important stage of the website development, we at Softantmedia communicate & discuss with our clients four ‘Ws’ – Why, Who, What & How.

The four ‘Ws’take care of important aspects of your proposed website – Goal, Target Audience, Content and Functionality respectively. Analysing this information helps in planning of the website. Once the plan is ready with us, creativity follows up to create an effective website. In this entire process of plan, design, development, testing and launch of your website, weremain in consultation with you and also make sure that we are following industry’s best practices for development of your website.

Choosing Softantmedia is easy and simple, because we:

  • Engage and Plan with client about objective of the website
  • Blend creativity to deliver unique, effective website
  • Offer exceptional and affordable web design and development services
  • Our services include all kind of web solutions
  • Love what we do, you can count on our experience, expertise and support
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