8 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Infographics

Simply put, Info-graphics are a planned technique to present your content in engaging way. It has become an essential part to boost your content strategy, and a very important tool in your marketing toolbox, promoting your business. Here is little explanation on how you can make Info-graphics so effective to your business and why your business should use this.

Engage the target audience – get your visitors engaged with attention grabbing information, make it a fun experience.

why use infographics

why use infographics

Keep it smart and specific – too much information make the content boring, make the info graphic look smart while aiming at the target audience ( to increase the likelihood of visitors converting as your customers) with its gist – the core benefit that the visitors will get. You can have a detailed content once the visitors show interest.Visual content can get tedious to the visitors if the content is irrelevant.

Follow Clarity of writing – Know your audience and write your content in plain English. You can use industry terms or technical words where necessary but it must be written in clear, concise way. This way an info graphic can be a great way for your visitor to understand your content.

Visual is much effective than text – graphs, statistical figures, charts can easily connect to your audience rather than exhausted text. Visual format is like more of ‘info – processed data’ than ‘data.’ Visual content saves a lot from a boring read, thus easy to comprehend. Visitors tend to remember most of information that comes through visual impact.

Make information sharing a cool thing – when visitors find relevant, useful information in clear and compelling way, they tend to share in their social and professional networks. There are many online networks to where you can get info-graphic posted. Include your brand logo, your domains somewhere in the design to get noticed.

Be professional to deliver- presenting info-graphic needs an expert in graphics and arts to add creativity but in a logical way. Use colors, icons, shapes and more as this will make info-graphic look professional and captivating.

Empower your visitor with knowledge. Info graphics can be great way to enhance your visitors knowledge. Choose a universal or generic topic but get valuable and niche information for your visitors.

Make your information promoted – an effective info graphic can spread quickly on web. This can be a contentious topic for other bloggers and writers to talk about, thus giving much needed exposure and promotion to your business

It shows that having info-graphic is a great opportunity to get your point across, drive interest and traffic to your business,  get advertised (though subliminally) and build your brand image.

How a Professional Website Design Firm Can Help Grow Your Business?

In a present time of digital age, doing a business or having a company without a professional, effective website is incomprehensible. It is a must-have tool for every business – big and small business alike. A professional website can be an assured one-time investment for return on your investment.  There are key features that a professional website should have to make your website help grow your business.

Stick to your brand guidelines that define your brand while designing your website. Your website should increase credibility of your business and strengthen your brand.  An impressive design is vital as first impression is always key to catch the visitors’ attention. Apart from impressive design the content should engage your target audience and lend opportunity to contact and interact with your company by having contact or enquiry forms, sign up newsletter, chat facility, expert advice, and more. It should encourage visitors to ‘call for action.’ It can help in lead generation and boosting sales.

Keep updated your website with relevant content, visitors like to see your website is not outdated and boring one. It should be informative and user-friendly for visitors looking for specific information. Social media is a great way to communicate with visitors and to boost your marketing needs. Your website is a gateway to facilitate your online marketing, which is also much cheaper than traditional marketing.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

If one has a website but it is not driving traffic and converting visitors to clients, then having it redesigned from a professional web Design Company is important marketing strategy to be considered.

Webdesign Company

Webdesign Company

A professional website is also SEO (Search engine Optimisation) friendly – A website that not only has impressive design, functions and user-friendly but also can be found easily through search engine. It is important to note that when people search internet they tend not go beyond page one of the searched pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Smartphones and tablets have made most of the modern internet technologies. The easy access of internet and with more and more people browse internet with these gadgets, it is utterly important you have responsive website that is a website compatible to smartphones and tablets in this digital business age. Your website makes your company open 24/7 for browsers or online visitors.So if a company has no website, then they are going miss out a large percentage of potential business.

At Softantmedia, we make sure that you have a professional website to achieve your online marketing goals.  We specialize in creating professional website on all levels.

How Website Designing Can Affect Search Engine Listings?

The opportunity to get an effective website that is Search Engine friendly starts from the time of Website design phase. It is not just when you start your SEO campaign then you redo everything to get it in the top of page one rank. Focusing important aspects during website design phase is a savvy and skilful move from your side for your website, which would prove cost-effective and time-saving.



Your web design company plays a key role in considering these important aspects that affects the Search Engine listings of a website (when it is ready) and does a proficient work in creating a perfect website for you. So what it takes to design a perfect website that contributes to search engine listings? There are simple steps or points that need to be taken into account and executed skilfully during the website design phase.

One thing certainly we need to keep in mind creating a mere good looking website with loads of features is not enough but your website needs to be search engine friendly whether it is a static or a dynamic website. You need to put a web-based marketing strategy in place with your web design company, essentially from the beginning of website design phase.

Incorporating a blog feature in your website means one can add fresh content regularly, say weekly basis, which in turn helps in boosting search engine listing of your website. An interactive blog is highly recommended in this as it allows visitors to post their comments or to share their likeness, making it an active website.  Plus, you can always get benefited with internal links included in the contents of blog.

Website Design

Website Design

Similarly if your web design company incorporates Google Analytic to each page of your website, it would provide you a range of critical data such as how your website is performing in the search engines and report on keywords, traffic sources that is helping your website in search engine listings.

During website designing your web design company should try to reduce excessive code especially JavaScript and CSS, and let adhere to unique content. This would reduce the time it takes for search engine spiders to find relevant content.  Search engines always look for unique or relevant content that makes your website appear among the top ranks of search engine listings. Create individual webpage for each keyword or keyword phrase. Duplicate content affects your SEO campaign. This should be avoided when designing your website by your web design company.

Search engines use meta tags descriptions to differentiate each page of your website, so it is important each page is described differently, avoiding repetition of descriptions. While this enhances your SEO ranking and if the description appears in the search engine result convinces visitors then it would boost conversion rate as well.  Try to keep meta description tags precise and relevant to respective page of your website. Apart from meta tags description, title tags are also important as it is one of the factors used by search engines in ranking your website. Include the keywords that you feel your website visitor going to use in search engine bar.

Use plain text links to link web pages of your website, with keywords in the anchor text to increase search engine ranking. If your website is packed with graphical interfaces then you can use footer links to link between your pages.

It is utmost important for your web design company to consider above steps or points to create a highly performing, effective website that also boost search engine listings.

Why your business needs search engine optimization?

Digital revolution has caused great impact on the way businesses are operated in order to boost your business bottom line. Even traditional companies have been bound to be part of this or else they have been left to oblivion by their competitors who are smart enough to be part of the change.  With growing need of digitization, every company is vying to get maximum presence on the web. More people take help of search engines to find information, product or service on web than ever before. The phenomenal rise in use of laptops, tablets and smartphones act as catalyst in increasing number of web customers. Potential customers who cannot find your website on web but chances are that they will your competitors’ websites. SEO plays a key role in this.

It is very important to establish if having a company website is enough to boost your company web presence. The answer is no, although the web presence is directly proportional to the digital competition level that a company is having on web. But in a nutshell, having a site is not enough. If you want that your website to bring in new business, it has to bring in traffic to your website first. One of the most common techniques used by the companies to establish web presence is through Search Engine Optimization also known in acronym form SEO.  Simply put, SEO is a technique to increase visibility of a website. This is resulted when a website appears more frequently under search results and ranks top in the search result.


Search Engine Optimization

With so many competitors websites striving to make web or online presence, if your company website is not appearing in the top rank under the search results then it would affect a loss of to your website because web is consists of huge online customers. People search for websites by using keyword on search engines and hence SEO is one thing your website needs to increase traffic to your website.

There are numerous benefits if you had robust and skilful SEO strategy that brings in more traffic to your website:

  1. More Customers – if your website appears in the page one search results, it would increase the number of visitors coming to your website and you would create better opportunity to get exposed to potential customers. Hence search-page-one appearance is vital to your website.
  1. Effective Leads – visitors who find your website through keywords search via search engines are clearly looking for certain product or service. These visitors are your targeted audience who are likely to buy.
  1. Brand presence – since website is open 24/7 and can be accessed from any part of the world any time. You have better reach to customers if your website appears on the top of search results for months, sometimes years.
  1. Credibility – when your website comes in the top search results, your business will be perceived as the expertor specialist in its field. Your business will get instant credibility, making your website bring in more potential customers and other clients who could refer business to you.

With enormous online competition, it is important your website is ranked in the top of web search result and SEO is the means to accomplish this. It is affordable yet provides more lasting exposure than other forms marketing. SEO helps your business grow to new levels of success.

The Leading Professional Web Design Company Dubai


Your website represents your brand to the world. It is open 24/7 and can be accessed across the globe. Hence it is vital you get your website to act for you. As a web design agency based in ambitious Dubai city, we take utmost care to create efficient websites that caters to the requirements of the clients, looking after their business performance and turning web traffic into potential customers.

The design of your website should create a first impression with your audience, and you want to make their interaction with your site as user-friendly as possible. A professional web design agency does this by creating layout, functions and features that enhance exploring, using different interactive elements to keep visitors interested, and encourage action.

Web services

A professional web design agency can help you plan, design and optimize your website in line with your company goals and needs.Your company can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. It starts a web design project with ‘user experience’ design, focusing on your potential customers in mind.

In Dubai city, there are plenty of web design agencies but a wise decision (a big one) to get a professional web design agency can make a difference to your website.

Essential Things to Remember While Doing Professional Website

Web design

There are many things that make Dubaicity fascinating. One of the things is it offers opportunity to everyone but doesn’t compromise on quality of its infrastructure – an efficient one. As a web design agency based in Dubai, we make sure our clients get quality, professional services of website design, website re-design, SEO from us. This comes with true understanding of our clients’ needs and goals, and our eagerness to have an efficient client relationship to help in their business performance and outcome through a professional website.

The key elements of an effective, professional website:

Appearance: First impression is important. Unattractive websites can be a turn off. A website must be visually appealing because it reflects your company and represents your brand. An impressive website is far more likely to generate a positive impression about your company and keep visitors on your website once they visit.

Content: Along with style, a website must have substance. Informative and relevant content help audience make a decision. A website offers an opportunity to increase visitor confidence in your company’s knowledge and competence.

Functionality: The components of a website must work quickly and correctly. Or else it will leave website visitors frustrated and disappointed with your company.

Usability: One of the key factors of a professional website is its degree of usability. A website must be easy to read, navigate, and understand.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A website must be developed in lines of guidelines for effective search engine optimization.